The most effective way of getting a job through LinkedIn

Getting a desired job is the most important and crucial part in our career. It requires hard work, skills and dedication and it involves various steps. Primarily the company should have vacancies and the employer uses available media to react out to wider audience. Secondary is identifying the respective roles and eligibility, applying to the job, attending the interviews and finally he/she becomes employee. Among them the main difficult part is identifying the job at the right time in a right place.

LinkedIn had solved this problem to an extent, today we can find out the opportunities at our fingertips. But still we are finding it difficult to get a job.

I have seen many cases in LinkedIn where the job seekers just message (“Interested, please review my profile”) to the post posted by the employer. Does this yield the expected outcome? And taking this as advantage many marketers are using this as a tool to get the personal information like email and phone numbers.

So what should we do? 

Remember that LinkedIn is not your job Tinder. Instead of a simple message in the comment box, try to follow the steps below:

When the message about an opportunity seems genuine, do your homework. Research the person posting the opportunity (hint: lookup their LinkedIn Profile), look up the company (hint: search Google) and study their business, check the opportunity itself (hint: Company website), read reviews about the company (hint: Glassdoor).

Take effort to reach out to the person (through mail)  and explain why you are a good fit for the opportunity and how you will help them (hint: send your well-crafted Cover Letter with a suitable outstanding resume).

When you are inquiring about available positions or asking for a job please follow this tips:

When messaging a Recruiter on LinkedIn, please avoid asking them to “check your profile for any open positions”, instead ask their mail id and send your resume with a cover letter with all your details required for a specific job.

Please do your “homework” and be specific on what roles you’re interested in and where you can make an impact.

Make that first impression a good one!! And grab the offer.


I hope this article would help you in finding the job in a better way.

Cheers and good luck.